Project summary

An innovative path to new thoracic cancer treatments

SPECTALung is a European new cancer research initiative whose aim is to identify and better understand the development and evolution of specific thoracic cancer tumors to create targeted medical clinical trials and test new specific treatments.

SPECTAlung is promoting personalized cancer treatment by facilitating the enrollment of patients with thoracic cancer (Lung cancer; Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma ; Thymic Malignancies; source NCI) into targeted clinical trials. This process is done through the analysis and characterization of the patient’s tumor at molecular level. Depending on the screening results, participation in downstream clinical trials with molecular defined inclusion criteria may be offered to the patient.

SPECTAlung will facilitate the development of new treatments, have a significant clinical impact, and promote  bilateral interaction and cross-talks from the clinic to the bench. It should be seen as a constantly evolving system with the ability to support new trials with innovative treatments.

This EORTC Pan-European  innovative initiative in collaboration with ETOP and  ‘Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Grand Paris’ avoids duplication of efforts which therefore simultaneously decreases the cost and logistics usually generated when setting up new trials.

In short, with an overall coordination of the activities supervised by the EORTC at all times, SPECTAlung is a  molecular thoracic cancer screening platform composed of a Pan-European infrastructure with  18 top level recruiting thoracic clinical centers; one institute of pathology with certified laboratories for diagnostic essays that are conducted by ‘Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Grand Paris’ that proceeds to exhaustive molecular characterization of any stage thoracic cancer patient in view to set up translational research-based clinical trials

SPECTAlung is partially funded by Fondation Baillet Latour which generously agreed to finance the setting and early running of this premier research programme initiative.

Denis-Lacombe“SPECTAlung is a unique model of partnership as it connects all stakeholders involved in drug development, enhancing joint expertise to benefit the patients as well as tax payers” explains Denis Lacombe, EORTC Director General.

Benjamin-BesseBenjamin Besse, MD, Head of the thoracic oncology Unit of the  Gustave Roussy Cancer Campus, Grand Paris and Study Coordinator of the project adds “SPECTAlung is the best scientific set up available at European level to perform efficacious, cost-effective, quality-controlled, large thoracic tumors molecular screening to identify alterations to be targeted by newly developed compounds in the framework of clinical trials. This new cancer research model provides the best currently available opportunity for patients to receive tailored approach treatments based on the most up-to-date knowledge in cancer biology.” 

SPECTAlung screening process

By screening patients for biomarkers relevant to targeted clinical trials, SPECTAlung increases the opportunities for thoracic cancer patients to access clinical trials with new molecularly defined approaches and simultaneously decreases the cost and logistical pressure of setting up new trials. This unique European initiative enables to differentiate thoracic tumors according to the identification of the specific molecular profiles.